Janet Stolp | Certified Duke Integrative Health Coach

We all want our health for different reasons. I support professionals with patient communication strategies to inspire individual health goals and integrative wellness.

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Partnering Together

Health is personal and it is complex.

In over 20 years as a nurse and health coach, I noticed that some clients could master healthy lifestyle changes easily while others seemed stuck.

The Integrative Medicine approach centers on your life today, to balance, find opportunity and motivate. It supports and inspires new insights that propel movement forward towards one's optimal health.

Over the past 20 years I have coached and presented to employees and teams in the university setting and Duke Medical Center. I focus on

  • Health, nutrition and wellbeing

  • Mind body connection

  • Stress and relaxation techniques

  • Pain management

  • Behavior and habit change

  • Mindfulness & gratitude


My journey to Integrative Health began as an E.R. Nurse. Exposed to the extreme hardships and surprises on the emergency setting, I charged forward learning and exploring the comprehensive ways that conventional medicine and complimentary approaches can collaborate to improve wellbeing each day.



Stress Management Counseler
Duke University Medical Center
2014 to present

Teaching relaxation techniques for stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and pain management. Encourage and support the patient as they learn to "live in the present"

Health Check Staff at Duke
Duke University Medical Center
1994 to present

As a resource for all Duke staff, I helped individuals explore their own health goals including nutrition, exercise, stress management, smoking cessation, and sleep habits.

Certified Duke Integrative Health Coach
Private Practice
2012 to present

A nonjudgmental relationship that supports the client by inspiring change by identifying options and obstacles through heightening personal awareness in one's life including nutrition, exercise, sleep and rest, personal and professional communication, spirituality, physical environment or setting, and the mind body connection through mindfulness. 

Clinic Manager
Cisco Systems, Durham NC
2010 to 2011

Campus clinic and telemedicine health presence set up with physician in California. Gave all vaccines and performed lab tests and treatments for employees.



Duke Integrative Medicine Professional Health Coaching Certification
Duke Medical Center
2012 to 2014

UNC Charlotte
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, R.N.
1975 to 1979


Areas of Focus

Stress Management


Weight & Nutrition

Chronic Pain

Work & Life Balance

Smoking Cessation


Sleep Habits

Personal and Professional Communication

Depression & Anxiety

Mindfulness & Gratitude


Speaking, presentation and coaching references available upon request.


Recent Presentations

Duke - Johnson & Johnson ('17)
Nurse Leadership Program: Health behavior change skills and coaching models for application by medical professionals

Duke - Johnson & Johnson ('18)
Nurse Leadership Program: 
Motivational interviewing with an emphasis on stress management



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